Out in L.A.

Izdano 1984

 1. True Men Don't Kill Coyotes

2. Baby Appeal             

3. Buckle Down            

4. Get Up And Jump     

5. Why Don't You Love Me      

6. Green Heaven

 7. Mommy Where's Daddy       

8. Out In L.A.   

9. Police Helicopter     

10. You Always Sing The Same           

11. Grand Pappy Du Plenty  

13. Police Helicopter           

14. What It



Freaky Styley

Izdano 1985

1. Jungle Man

2. Hollywood  

 3. American Ghost Dance         

4. If You Want Me To Stay       

5. Nevermind  

6. Freaky Styley

7. Blackeyed Blonde     

8. The Brothers Cup    

9. Battle Ship   

10. Lovin' And Touchin'           

11. Catholic School Girls Rule 

12. Sex Rap    

13. Thirty Dirty Birds   

14. Yertle The Turtle   

15. Millionaires Against Hunger


The Uplift Mofo Party Plan

Izdano 1987

1. Fight Like A Brave    

2. Funky Crime             

3. Me And My Friends            

4. Backwoods   

5. Skinny Sweaty Man   

6. Behind The Sun  

7. Subterranean Homesick Blues  

8. Special Secret Song Inside     

9. No Chump Love Sucker      

10. Walkin' On Down The Road          

11. Love Trilogy  

12. Organic Anti-Beat Box Band


Mothers Milk

Izdano 1989

 1.Good Time Boys

2.Higher Ground

3.Subway to Venus

4.Magic Johnson

5.Nobody Weird Like Me

6.Knock Me Down

7.Taste The Pain

8.Stone Cold Bush


10.Pretty Little Ditty

11.Punk Rock Classic

12.Sexy Mexican Maid

13.Johnny, Kick a Hole in the Sky


One Hot Minute

Izdano 1995

              1. Warped                   

              2. Aeroplane               

3. Deep Kick

 4. My Friends  

5. Coffee Shop

 6. Pea 

                     7. One Big Mob                      

8. Walkabout  

               9. Tearjerker               

                10. One Hot Minute                

 11. Falling Into Grace  

                  12. Shallow Be Thy Game                   

           13. Transcending         




Izdano 1999

Around The World

Parallel Universe

Scar Tissue


Get On Top




Emit Remmus

I Like Dirt

This Velvet Glove


Purple Stain

Right On Time

Road Trippin'


By The Way


Izdano 2002

 By The Way

 Universally Speaking

 This Is The Place


 Don't Forget Me

 The Zephyr Song

 Can't Stop

 I Could Die For You


 Throw Away Your Television



 On Mercury

 Minor Thing

 Warm Tape

Venice Queen


 Stadium Arcadium

Izdano 2006  

CD 1 (Jupiter):

Dani California

Snow (Hey Oh)


Stadium Arcadium

Hump de Bump

She's Only 18

Slow Cheetah

Torture Me

Strip My Mind

Especially in Michigan


C'mon Girl

Wet Sand


CD 2 (Mars):

Desecration Smile

Tell Me baby

Hard To Concentrate

21st Century

She Looks to Me



Make You Feel Better

Animal Bar

So Much I

Storm in a Teacup

We Believe

Turn It Again

Death of a Martian