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Translation Project Importance

Hello everyone, my name is Nikolas Frazee and I have been working to clarify the English translations of Serbian texts throughout the Excel and Powepoint Manuals. I've been able to watch this project, from infancy, to its first baby steps, and eventually its completion.

During this time, about as long as i've been an exchange student in Bosnia, I've discovered why this project is so useful to the gimnazija and it's students, but also the gimnazija's connection to the world and the world itself.

From the beginning, this project's main working base has been students. I, along with about 4 others have been working diligently to ensure we produce the best quality work. Through this pursuit of excellence, we have learned how to accurately operate the program Dreamweaver, which is made for creating websites. As our world becomes more and more technologically based, we will find this skill very useful. Along the way, these students have also been practicing their English and translations skills. With English being as important as it is today, and the main language in computer workings, this is again an important acquired skill. I also have been learning a little Serbian along the way as well, helping me to enhance my experience here.

As stated before, English is slowly taking over as the diplomatic and business language of the world. For that reason many useful and informative Internet pages are written in English. Translating these useful program manuals from Serbian to English makes them more accessable the rest of the world, and therefore further connects their source to the international community. This project can only bring good with it, as Bosnia and this region become more connected with the "outside world."

With that, we have to recognize the fact that we are helping the outside world function more easily with this project. Excel and Powerpoint are programs that are used every day, for the most mundane tasks, to the most exciting. With this project, we have given the world an easy to navigate guide showing how to properly take advantage of these prgrams, making them function effectively, and maybe even make usage more fun.

In conclusion, this project and its completed works has helped, and has potential to help, a myriad of people the world over. I know that it's been a great joy to be a part of this project durng my stay in bosnia, and I'm proud to say that we finished it successfully. I hope that others recognize and take full advantage of the now translated manuals, and I hope that if you ever need help with using one of these programs, you turn to this manual first.

Over and out,

Nikolas Frazee

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