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About Council


The Gymnasium Student Council (GSC) is the representative students' body which promotes the students' interests, gives incentives for the youth activism and coordinates the work between the school administration and the students. The Gymnasium Student Council is consisted of 80 Council Members – two from each class. The Council Officers are the Council President, 4 Vice-presidents (from the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Year) and the Council Secretary. Those Officers form the Executive Board. We rejected the usual organization with a President and a Vice-president in order to include all years equally in the work of the Student Council. The elections for the Council Officers took place on May 5, 2006 and new Executive Board of the Council was elected:


-     Milos Milovanovic, President,

-     Tamara Pusic, Senior Year VP,

-     Maja Prosan, Junior Year VP,

-     Lela Draganic, Sophomore Year VP,

-     Suzana Savinovic, Secretary.


The main objective of the new Executive Board is the popularization of the Student Council among students and a more effective work of the Council.

 A very important part of the work of the Student Council is the advancement of the cooperation between the teachers and students and the protection of the students' rights, but also drawing attention to their obligations.

 Another part of our work is concentrated on the community work and the youth activism. As part of that we've participated in numerous humanitarian and community work actions such as One Sweet – One Child, Banja Luka Book Fair, Innovations Competition, High School Students Day and many of our students are taking part in community work programs in NGOs.

 During the new academic year, we are going to keep all the current actions and organize new school and extracurricular activities.

 General Council Meetings take place twice monthly and all students who are not the Council Members and would like to participate in our work are welcome to attend the meetings.

 Your suggestions are more than welcome and you can e-mail them at: su_gimnazije@yahoo.com


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