Interview with Milos Milovanovic, the GSC President

Interview with Lela Draganic, the Sophomore Yr. Vice-president

Interview with Maja Tomasevic, GSC Vice-president (2002-2006)

Interview with Kreso Sekulic, Gymnasium's school paper editor in chief



Presentation of the Universita Bocconi
Students of the Senior and Junior Year and IBO class had an unique opportunity to attend the presentation of Università Bocconi - one of the best business schools in Europe. The presentation of this prestigious University took place on December 20 and 21.

Presents for St. Nicola's Day
Gymnasium Student Council has for the first self-reliantly organized collection of the presents for St. Nicola's Day intended for children in the Rehabilitation Hospital 'Dr. Miroslav Zotovic'. The Gymnasium students show generosity during the time of the action, thus we have collected 80 presents that cheered up kids at the Rehabilitation Hospital.

World AIDS Day
As part of activities during the December 1, the World AIDS Day, a lecture about this disease and prevention was held in Gymnasium.

Youth Leadership Program
Third year in a row our school is participating in Youth Leadership Program - a program organized by the American Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The program was presented on November 16, 2006 to the students of Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Year and the application forms were handed to them.

Electronic reading room
 Our school financed the creation of the electronic reading room, where our students have 5 computers with internet connection at their disposal 24/7. New computers were bought for the Computers Classroom and the older computers were transferred to the reading room. Whole project was primarily funded by our school and a smaller amount of funding was provided by the City of Banja Luka. Now, Gymnasium students have a modern reading room which offers them a plenty of information. more

  Roundtable organized by OSCE
OSCE organized a roundtable in Banja Luka on Thursday, 10/19/2006, titled "The Right to Education in Accordance with International Standards". The participants talked about the educational reform, implementation mechanisms for international commitments in education, obstacles, problems and possible solutions for the existing problems. Among the participants was a representative of our Student Council. 

  Conference of the student councils
Youth Communication Center (YCC)organized a Conference of the student councils in Laktasi from 5th to 7th October. Student Council Representatives from 85 high schools from all parts of Republic of Srpska talked about the need for creating the network of the student councils, developments of the students council and they exchanged valuable experiences.

Getting new computers
Unlike other schools where students often don't express wish to learn, our students want higher standards of education. The way we work is demonstrated during our activities, from the Book Fair to various state competitions where our students win gold medals. Our Student Council has initiated an action of acquiring new computers appropriate for the Computers classes. People who understand us and who want to help us have already contacted us. They're preparing computers for us and as soon as we get them we'll post it on our web site.

Gymnasium appeared at the Book Fair '06
Gymnasium Banja Luka will appear at the Book Fair this year as well. The appearances will be organized by the Student Council. We will have three promotions and a lot of interesting performances at our desk. More information about it is available at  this web site.

Freshmen acquainted with the Council
Newly admitted Freshmen have been successfully introduced to the Gymnasium Student Council and judging by the current results they're probably the most successfully introduced class ever. Class Representatives and Assistant Representatives have been elected in each class according to the Constitution and the election for the Freshman SC President will take place soon.

New Convocation
Newly elected Gymnasium Student Council Members entered the new school year with energy, optimism and desire to make our Student Council even better. The First General Council Meeting took place on September 15, 2006. We proved once again that we're the best Student Council in whole country by beginning the work far earlier than any other school in the country. more


The visit of the students from Gymnasium Banja Luka to the students of the Second Mostar Gymnasium

Students from our Gymnasium spent a few unforgettable days in Mostar, where they had the chance to visit Mostar's Second Gymnasium, Home for Elderly People and to spend time with the Mostar youth. more


Activities od Gymnasium's students

On May 4 extracurricular activities of our students were presented to the IBO-UWC team. more





IBO Members Visiting Gymnasium in Banja Luka

Members of IBO visited Gymnasium Banja Luka to get to know each other better and to share expiriences about the education processes. more




Students from Trieste, Italy visit Gymnasium     

Students from an IBO school in Trieste came to get to know our school better and to present their school to the Gymnasium students. more




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