Student adaptation by moving from primary to secondary school

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It would be best you first inform yourself about the school you wish to go to,about professors who will teach you,school activities,extra projects etc.Talk to the people you know going to the that same school ,look for extra informacion on the internet or from the psyhologists and educators from your primary school..If you know someone on the path to go to the same school like you ,you can do all of this together.In company everything is easier!It would be best if you know someone who had gone to the same situation to talk to him about his experiences and to get some good piece of advice.You should try to find people with similar inerests .That will be enabled to you by joining all kind of section ,thats one of the best way to overcome the difficulties of adaptation.Simple social skills can be a great help in the process of adaption,skills such are:smiling,greeting people politely,meet new people and ask them to go for coffee with you,offer the help with homework to you sit mate  etc. Also,that in the process of adaptations all students take part in .Students of 9th grade should visit our site and see the ways of solving the problem we offer.In that way going to our school should be easier and less troublesome . Also older students should help younger with thez problems and work with them to solve this problem.They should accept younger students in the section they are already a part of and by doing that help students to achive balance in this process


The important link in the process of socialisation are teachers,who with their directing and useful advice(encouragement),help with the adaptation of students to new schools.Futhermore,it is important to encourage students decisions about going to the certain high school.Also its very important that teachers in the finishing grades of elementary schools ,hae some kind of lecture concerning the socialisation and adaptation to the new surroundings .By doing that students will be ready for this change nad would probably have less problems adapting.You probably have more informations about the high schools so you could aproach the students of finish grades with that informations.


Professors ,you have an important role in student adaptation.You should take the initiative  in a way to help students by introducing them to your subject in the best possible way and tell them whats expected from them.What obligations are there for them and how to aproach them and accomplish the wanted goal.It would be good if you didn’t expect much from them in the beggining ,but to enable them to adapt their obligations to themselves.So basicaly it’s expected from you to give the student an opportunity to build a positive realationship with you which would be based on understanding and tolerance.It would also be good to notice the students with difficulties and to offer them your help and ecourage them.Also if you notice those who are good in a certain area to reward them. Professors are able as it’s already mentioned to help students greatly.


In the begging it’s very important to encourage  decisions of your child concerning the selection of a highschool .If you ’’forsing’’ your child can only make a difficulti situation worse.Easier process of adaptations lies solely on childs choice and the encouragement given to him.You can help him greatly.You should listen to your child to undestand him and hear his ideas and to help him with his final decision.In case you notice problems in adaptations show some undestanding and inform yourself more.Also as a part of the school look for a psyhologist or and educator,who will give you directions on further actions.It would be good if parents would visit our site and in that way forseen the possible problems.

We should emphasis that in the construction of this site students from all grades of the school took part in.Also ,that those students had different interests ,who realised her activities in group ,and in that way we showed that young and older students can work together and that it is good in a process of adaptation.
The construction of this project was like this.Students of second grade conducted  a research ,after that studenst of first and third second grade  combined their effords and made a film on the given subject ,futher on the students of 4th grade worked on the creation of the site dizain and content.What we would like to mention is that students are part of various projects ,which could develop their academic knowledge,and the students in their environment too.Futhermore the students of multimedia section made different tests in the domen of informatics,which make studing easier for the students.The student of firts grade ,of computer-informatics class ,Srdjan Letina made a test from program languages on the subject “Program language Pascal –logic expressions”
Professors took part in the construction of the works mentioned but made some part themselves,so that we have many induvidual works which can be found on the site

Other students section have a large number of students .So that on this project of multimedia section some other section took part such are:Sport section ,Orfej(radio,tv,school newspapper)and dramma section in english language