Annual report for 2005/06

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September 15, 2006

September 29, 2006

October 13, 2006

October 27, 2006

November 17, 2006

December 1, 2006

December 15, 2006


Annual report for 2005/06


The Gymnasium Student Council  (GSC) has accomplished its objectives from the Council Program created in September, 2005; it has achieved a good level of cooperation with the school administration and started working on the popularization of the Student Council among students.


GSC Activities


Right at the beginning of the new academic year in September, after forming the new convocation of the Council, we took the big responsibility of organizing the Gymnasium's presence at the Banja Luka Book Fair. 

Even though the promotion of the School's extracurricular activities has been the Council's aim during the whole academic year, it remained an unfinished business primarily because of the sometime confusing condition of the School's extracurricular activities what we want to put right next year. But despite that problem, we can say that with the help of the Council's engagement in that field, the extracurricular activities are becoming more popular among students and we'll do everything in our power to continue that positive trend next year.

Revision of the GSC Constitution wasn't done in November as planned; the modification has been done in late April.

In December we've organized the humanitarian action One Sweet - One Child in cooperation with the Youth Communication Center and the Gymnasium students gave their contribution to helping children without parents or children in poorer families.

GSC participated in the Saint Sava celebration in January and that was the time when we organized a party for the students in the school. In April we helped coordinate the Gymnasium's performace at the Innovation Competition INOST in Banja Luka. The revision of the GSC Constitution occurred in April when the new organizational structure of the Student Council was introduced with one President, 4 Vice-presidents and one Secretary. The decision that every class must have two Representatives in the Student Council was formally accepted.

The GSC in cooperation with the P.E. teachers organized school competitions in football and athletics. The elections for the Council Officers took palce on May 5, 2006 and new Council Officers were elected: Milos Milovanovic (President), Tamara Pusic (Junior Year VP), Maja Prosan (Sophomore Year VP), Lela Draganic (Freshman Year VP) and Suzana Savinovic (Secretary). Soon after that, the new GSC Info-board was set up in the school hall, GSC web-site created and we also agreed to have at least one page in the school paper dedicated to GSC activities. The students were informed about the Grade Rules, which were put on the GSC Info-board and our web-site. GSC successfully directed the visit of the students from II Gymnasium Kragujevac.

During the whole academic year, the GSC made statistics of the students' absences from the classes. That gave no evident results and was very ineffective especially in the end of the academic year. That's why the GSC made a unanimous decision to either stop making the statistics or to change the way in which the information about the students' absences was collected.


Problems we faced, cooperation with the school administration and future goals


 The biggest problem we faced was probably the substandard interest of students for the GSC work and a feeling among students that the GSC work was ineffective and ineffectual. In April and May we intensified work on solving those problems and that will be the main objective of the GSC next academic year. Another problem is that GSC has neither its own space in the school nor a PC the GSC could use.

Cooperation with the school administration was satisfactory. Our goal is to further improve the cooperation with the Principal and teachers and to have cooperation with the School Board.

The main objectives of the Gymnasium Student Council for the next a.y. is the popularization of the Council, promotion of the extracurricular activities, better informing of the students about the college opportunities and bigger role of the GSC during the preparations for the school trips. Besides, we've planned new activities such as Cultural week and more sports competitions.